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The 'Go' Programming Handbook

A Guide To Understanding The Go Programming Language.



The 'Go' handbook is an introductory book and is intended for beginners, the book doesn't make any assumption about your prior programming knowledge and tries to teach everything from scratch.


This handbook is intended for beginners and new programmers, it can also be used as a reference by more experienced developers.


As a beginner I really struggled to find the right sources for learning 'Go' and many of the resources very not suited for new beginner or for a student who is entirely new to programming, so I decided to write a simple to understand 'beginners' book for learning 'Go'

About Me

Hi, my name is Anil Kulkarni and I am passionate about coding. I am a self learned programmer and enjoy my daily dose of Golang. When I am not coding you can usually find me watching movies 🎬

Code Sample

All code samples will the in the form of following block: go func main() { fmt.Println("Hello, World!") }

Please Donate ❤️

All the work is provided free of cost and completely open source, but it needs your support and love to keep the activity sustainable.

Any support is genuinely appreciated, you can help by sending a small donation by clicking the below link:


Work In Progress

As you can see, this is a work in progress, I intend to complete the basic & partial intermediate write-up by end of Oct, 18.

To Do

A lots have to be done yet, here is a small lists to things to do in near future

  • Complete basic tutorial consisting of language syntax by end of Oct, 18.
  • Add partial intermediate material by end of Oct, 18.
  • Add at least basic tutorial videos by end of Oct, 2018.
  • Create pdf downloadable version.
  • Create artwork for chapters.

Get In Touch

To know more about me please visit

The website is currently offline and under development, will update on this page when it is launched.

I am reachable at

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Anil Kulkarni